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Young Indian Futures - Empowering Young People

For many young people in India, the country's wealth is far beyond their grasp.  Many live in extreme poverty with barely enough to eat.

Each year around 30 young people come to Young Indian Futures projects to train in the principles of social development and learn work-based skills.  These young people have high ideals and enormous motivation to lift their families and communities out of poverty, but with little or no access to vocational training or jobs.  

Young Indian Futures has identified this as a problem and is working to develop training courses in computer hardware, networking, animation, and graphics design.

By supporting this organisation you are empowering young people to develop the life-long skills which can inspire them to live a different life, a fulfilled life.

Latest news: Several girls from the community have completed their courses at Aryaloka and all now have jobs - they have started a new community for working women in their home city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh.  This is a huge step forward and such an inspiration to other girls. Some of the girls are shown here with their tutor, Sheetal Thool, and the course certificates which have enabled them to find jobs quickly.

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